Messy hair? How you can fix it

Why Your Hair Looks Messy – Always Gets Messed Up Easily

There are some people who have great hair as soon as they roll out of bed. Then there are people like me where my hair always looks messy. I’ve tried every hair product under the sun. No hairdressers seem to have an answer for me. So I did a lot of research and would like to share what I’ve found. By reading this article, you will finally be happy with your hair.

Hair always looks messy when it is too thin and silky. Fix messy hair by avoiding conditioner and limiting hairspray. Consider shorter, layered hair and manage your expectations.

Dirty or oily hair can make it hard to style. Make sure your hair is clean but avoid harsh products. I recommend HairStory because they offer great hair wash products.

Why does my hair get messy?

Messy hair is genetic. Right now, you probably think I’m crazy. Hear me out. There is no messy hair gene. But, almost everything about you is determined by your genetics. And this includes your hair. The characteristics of your hair is based on that of your parents’ and those before them. This includes hair color, thickness and density, and more. Of course, there is plenty of room for genetic variation. So, don’t be too surprised if you don’t have the exact same hair as your parents. That would be a pretty boring world to live in.

The main culprit with messy hair is the thin and silky type. If this applies to you, as stated above, thank your parents. This is because this type of hair is naturally resistant to holding its shape. Hair products work best with think hair it can cling onto. Likewise, when hair is too silky, it doesn’t bond well with oils and waxes.

Another issue you may be having is dry, frizzy and damaged hair. If your hair is dry and frizzy, it can be genetic. But damaged hair is cause by environmental factors. Typically, people with a difficult type of hair such as dry and frizzy don’t know how to manage it. Because of this, they use the wrong products or don’t give their hair the proper treatment it needs.

Don’t give up, I’m here to help

As mentioned above, using the wrong or too many products can have a detrimental effect on your hair. This is the case no matter what kind of hair you have. The problem is not recognizing what kind of hair you have. Knowing if you have thick or thin hair, silky or dry, is important.

Because based on this, the next important factor is having the knowledge of how to manage your hair. If you think you have ‘regular’ hair, you may just buy regular products. These products won’t address the problematic characteristics your hair may have. This is a recipe for messy hair.

Using too much product can be another cause of messy hair. Some people don’t know how much hair spray to use. It is best to use the least amount necessary to bring the desire result. Spray your hair once for no longer than 2 seconds. Reassess and make sure its necessary to add more before you do. Also, avoid holding the bottle too close to your hair. Try to hold the bottle at least 8 inches away. If the bottle is too close, too much product is focused on one area of your hair. You will then be more likely to add too much product overall.

Finally, washing your hair too frequently can damage your hair. There are natural oils that will be washed away leaving it unprotected from the environment. Bathing is good. This being said, don’t feel the need to use shampoo in your hair on a daily basis.

What can I do about it?

Dos & Don'ts of Messy Hair

First, I don’t want to sound like I am anti-conditioner. However, this article is about hair always looking messy. If that’s the case for you and the silkiness of your hair could be the cause, use conditioner sparingly. Hair conditioners on the market today seem to all be geared towards dull and damaged hair. They promise and over-promise to deliver shiny and silky hair. That’s great if that’s what you’re looking for. Use a conditioner if your hair is frizzy or damaged. But experience tells me it will not help when it comes to styling messy hair.

Hairspray is not always your friend. I think some people assume it’s some kind of miracle cure in a bottle. Think hard about all the things that come in a similar bottle or worse, a can. The story behind it is often convenience over function. Canned good will never taste as good as fresh. Most people just think of it as a delivery method for a hair styling product. But it was designed to let you style your hair fast. So take a little more time if you care about your hair. And please be conscious of how much product you use so it’s not more than you need.

This is my favorite solution

Talk to your hair stylist about layering your hair. This way, no matter how your hair falls – on your face or it – it has that finished, purposeful look. Even if you hair looks a little messy, when your hair is layered, people notice your hair is styled but it still looks natural. Layering your hair is also a good way to reduce your prep time when getting ready.

If your hairdryer is your best friend, you should get out more. Also, try allowing your hair to dry naturally with or without a towel. Sometimes your hair just needs a break and if you have the extra time just try it. This will limit the risk of damaging your hair or it being dull.

Choose the right products based on your hair’s individual features. Don’t take the products you use for granted. Forget brand loyalty. Branch out and find something that works for you.

Don’t fight nature. You can’t change your genes. Thank your parents and apologize to your children. Use products to the best of their ability. Keep your expectations for your hair care products low and you won’t be let down.

Why don’t products work?

  • Picking wrong Products
  • Using them improperly
  • Not miracle cure/ products over-promise
  • Working against nature/genetics

Picking the wrong products can make achieving your ideal hair impossible. Some people get into a routine or are too loyal to a certain brand. Take an extra couple of minutes at the store and carefully compare each product. Based on the characteristics of your hair, choose the one tailored most closely to that. After that, it’s a matter of trial and error.

The companies that make hair care products can sometimes make unrealistic promises. Not every product will give you the desire result. That is why it is important to shop around. You never know how your specific hair is going to react to the ingredients.

After you’ve made your decision on which product to try next, read the instructions very carefully. Using a hair product is like baking. If you don’t follow the recipe completely, you will have undesired results. Pay attention to how much of a product to use at one time. Also note how long to leave a product in when it calls for washing out.

Keep in mind, hair care products are not a miracle cure. I’ve stated in this article many times how genetics play such an important role in the features of your hair. Using products in your hair is working against nature. All I ask is that you hold realistic expectations. And when a product does not deliver the expected results, move on to the next.

How does messy hair look good?

Example of Messy Hair

At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of opinion. That being said, fashions shift and change. So it’s important to keep up-to-date on trends. Sometimes messy hair is fashionable. It gives people a casual and down-to-earth look.

It’s all about styling. You want to have the right style for the shape of your face. Somethings are hard to put into words, but your hairstyle should fit your personality.

Finally, it’s important to note the difference between a ‘messy look’ and being a mess. If you note the above picture, that is not a roll-right-out-of-bed hair style. Messy hair can be deceptive because it looks casual. But sometimes this style can take as much or more prep time than any other.

What is good looking hair?

Typically, good looking hair is both shiny and vibrant. Be vary if your hair is too silky or greasy. The opposite it also true. If your hair is dull looking, it could be due to processing it too much. This could make it at risk of being damaged. Reconsider your routine or switch up your products.

Hair looks its best when it is smooth and not frizzy. A lot of people complain about humidity when their hair is frizzy. This can be simple to avoid by anticipating the environment you’ll be in.

Good looking hair is healthy looking hair. Most people know not to over dye your hair. Also avoid the burnt or bleached look which is always related to damaged hair.

Remember to keep your hair properly trimmed and in good shape. Its easy to get sidetracked when you’re bust. Make your hair a priority again. When you know you look good on the outside, you will feel it inside too.

Finally, I’m not saying to be an all-out fashionista. But please keep a passing eye on recent and local trends. Most people have a ‘don’t fix it if it isn’t broke’ attitude. Or simply they avoid change. Be honest with yourself and make sure your hairstyle isn’t outdated.

All it takes is a little bit a time and patients. And if you don’t want to go it alone, you can always book the world’s most expensive haircut. You can read about it at


  • Use hairspray wisely
  • Reconsider using conditioner
  • Layer your hair
  • Be careful with the hairdryer
  • Choose the right products
  • Work with your hair – not against it

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Not everything here may have applied directly to your situation. Diversity is what is so great about hair. You may not look like an Instagram model from here on out. But hopefully you feel more confident in your appearance.

My final advice is for anyone trying to obtain the unobtainable. Use the natural features of your hair to your advantage. Let your hair win sometimes. Also, be yourself not a celebrity. Be the exception and don’t blend in.

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